SHEPARD FAIREY x War Effort 'Wing' Skateboard Deck
SHEPARD FAIREY x War Effort 'Wing' Skateboard Deck
SHEPARD FAIREY x War Effort 'Wing' Skateboard Deck

SHEPARD FAIREY x War Effort 'Wing' Skateboard Deck

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'Wing' by Shepard Fairey, 2000
Skateboard Deck by War Effort.
8.25 x 32.5 Inches
Rare screen print on 7-layer Maple hardwood skateboard deck.
Limited Edition (Sold Out).
Comes shrink wrapped and includes deck hanger.


Throughout the years, Shepard has designed many skateboards. Being a skater himself, he has always had a connection the activity. Shepard started skating in 1984 when professional skateboarders were really popular and has said he really looked up to them, not just for their skating abilities, but for their culture and music alike. Skateboarding is what introduced him to punk rock, which, in turn, is what sparked Shepard's thinking on a more political level.

In 1987, Shepard was riding a board with a Natas (Kaupas) graphic on it. It was on this board that he first learned to boardslide rails; because of this, the board really stuck with him, and in 2004 Shepard did a reinterpretation of this graphic.

Now that Shepard has made a name for himself in the art world and now designs board graphics of his own, he feels as though his involvement in skateboarding has come full-circle. In 2005, Shepard worked with Plan B to design a board and print of each of their team members.

From Supply and Demand, pg. 31:
"Skateboarding culture was a huge influence on my work, especially in the way stickers are such an important decorative element of the culture, and eventually skaters started embracing my work into their culture. Skateboard videos were a major medium for promotion, so I decided I would sponsor a team and lure people in under the guise of a skateboard video, but it was really embedded with conceptual propaganda."

- Shepard