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SANTA CRUZ 'Screaming Hand' (white) Skateboard Deck
SANTA CRUZ 'Screaming Hand' (white) Skateboard Deck
SANTA CRUZ 'Screaming Hand' (white) Skateboard Deck

SANTA CRUZ 'Screaming Hand' (white) Skateboard Deck

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'Screaming Hand' by Santa Cruz Skateboards, 2017
White variant.
Based on the art by legendary surf/skate artist Jim Phillips.
8 x 31.6 Inches
Screen print on 7-ply Canadian Maple hardwood skate deck.
Limited Edition (Sold Out).
Includes Santa Cruz sticker.
New in shrink wrap with deck hanger.


It was Santa Cruz-based illustrator and designer Jim Phillips who designed one of the most iconic symbols in skateboard and surf culture: Santa Cruz’s Screaming Hand. He began working as a professional illustrator in the 60s, but it wasn’t until 1975 that his career took off; that’s when he joined the world famous Santa Cruz skateboard brand as an Art Director.

His fondness for grotesque elements such as skulls, popping eyes, and fluids, combined with his great use of contrast, created a new style that revolutionized the world of surf and skate. His deck designs stated more than just a graphic style, it was also a lifestyle and graphic motto that every skateboarder could identify with.

The most famous piece of art is Santa Cruz’s Screaming Hand, which has made the brand stand out not just in the skateboard/surf world, but also in the art and design world. He was part of a movement that reinvented the meaning of a skateboard deck. As a result, it transformed the skateboard into a piece of art and became part of the skateboarder’s identity. Phillips’ helped redefine the approach of skateboard brand designs forever.