PEANUTS x AVAF 'Woodstock' Skateboard Deck
PEANUTS x AVAF 'Woodstock' Skateboard Deck
PEANUTS x AVAF 'Woodstock' Skateboard Deck
PEANUTS x AVAF 'Woodstock' Skateboard Deck

PEANUTS x AVAF 'Woodstock' Skateboard Deck

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'Woodstock' by Peanuts Global Artist Collective x AVAF, 2019
Collab. with The Skateroom.
8 x 31 Inches
Silkscreen print on 7-ply Canadian Maple skateboard deck.
Limited Edition (Sold Out).
Comes new in shrink wrap with original fabric carrying case and matching label.


At the height of its reach, the Peanuts comic strip was featured in 2,600 newspapers, touching the lives of millions around the world. Though Charles M. Schulz stopped short of calling himself an artist, his line, characters, and the emotional stories he told have influenced innumerable authors, filmmakers, songwriters, painters, and sculptors.

Among those are the seven fine artists (Kenny Scharf, Andre Saraiva, AVAF, Tomokazu Matsuyama, Nina Chanel Abney, Friendswithyou and Rob Pruitt) who comprise The Peanuts Global Artist Collective, an unprecedented global initiative in which the beloved Peanuts characters have been brought to life in new and exciting ways for the public to experience, giving the gift of art to everyone. The project first launched in Spring 2018 with murals in seven cities around the world, and continues this Winter with brand new public art projects and retail experiences.


Assume Vivid Astro Focus was founded by Eli Sudbrack (b. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1968; naturalized U.S. citizen since 2015) in 2001. Sudbrack every so often works as a duo with Paris-based artist Christophe Hamaide Pierson (b. Paris, 1973). Occasionally AVAF also morphs into a collective, depending on the different projects they are involved in. Sudbrack lives between New York and São Paulo.

AVAF works in a vast array of media, including painting, drawing, installations, video, sculpture, neons, wallpaper, decals, and often confronts gender, politics, and embedded cultural codes through pop imagery and neon colors. The duo brings a passionate collaborative spirit to every aspect of their work—from conceiving projects in tandem, to employing an extensive range of references and materials, to executing large-scale installations with expert, animated, diversely talented teams. AVAF approaches every project with a combination of all-encompassing, unbridled vision and keen pragmatism.

Personal expression and a lust for life are prominently emphasized in projects that are simultaneously rooted in politics of free speech, civil rights, classifications of class, gender and national identity. Infused by pop culture and political references, AVAF is influenced by multiple sources and visual traits from art, culture, politics, sociology, fashion and music, creating stunning and visually explosive mash-ups of transformed and re-contextualized references. AVAF operates with a hedonistic spirit, and engages in frequent collaborations with musicians, designers, dancers and other artists, challenging conventional assumptions about authorship and the role of the artist’s persona in society and the contemporary art world with their core beliefs as foundation: “share, generosity, contaminate, be contaminated, devour, be devoured, travel and spread”.

AVAF has done worldwide collaborations with various notable brands along their 10 years-plus career that have assumed the most different outcomes. Noteworthy partnerships include Lady Gaga and Barneys New York (2012); Comme de Garçons (2011); Nike (2014 and 2017); Citizen M Hotels in London (2012 and 2016) and Paris (2017); Melissa (2011/2012); Pepsi (2008); MAC Cosmetics (2016); Le Sport Sac (2004); Henzel Studio (2014); and The Rug Company (2008).

AVAF has also been the subject of major exhibitions and public art projects around the world. These include MATE (Museo Mario Testino), Lima, Peru (2017); The Faena Art Center, Buenos Aires, Argentina (2014) and Miami (2017); Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA), Santa Barbara, USA (2016); Sammlung Goetz, Munich, Germany (2016); Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati, USA (2015); Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), North Miami, USA (2013); The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, Oslo, Norway (2009); São Paulo Bienal, São Paulo, Brazil (2008); Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York, USA (2008); Museum of Contemporary Art (MOT), Tokyo, Japan (2007); 1st Athens Biennale, Athens, Greece (2007); The Geffen Contemporary (MoCA), Los Angeles, USA (2005); The Whitney Biennial, New York, USA (2004); among others.