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BANKSY (after) x Clown Skateboards 'Top Billin' (black) Scarf
BANKSY (after) x Clown Skateboards 'Top Billin' (black) Scarf
BANKSY (after) x Clown Skateboards 'Top Billin' (black) Scarf
BANKSY (after) x Clown Skateboards 'Top Billin' (black) Scarf
BANKSY (after) x Clown Skateboards 'Top Billin' (black) Scarf

BANKSY (after) x Clown Skateboards 'Top Billin' (black) Scarf

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'Top Billin' by Clown Skateboards, 2020
Featuring artist Banksy's 'Clown' logo.
Black variant.
55 x 7 Inches
100% acrylic scarf with fringed ends.
Limited Edition (Sold Out).
New in original packaging.


Jeff Boardman and Vikas Malik met through mutual love for skateboarding, music and art. Working across these scenes individually, they went on to combine forces and create a brand that fused all three of these shared passions, with a uniquely British twist.

Thus, Clown Skateboards was born in the year 2000, launching with the release of the ‘CLOWN BANKSY TEST PRESS’  series – two skateboard designs and their now legendary Banksy-designed Clown logo. At the time, they had one of the UK’s leading skateboard teams, Simon Skipp headed up the crew and brought onboard Chris Oliver, Benny Fairfax, Woody, Mattias Nylen, Bryan Jones, as well as some amazing up-and-coming talent.

Operating from their East London headquarters, Clown were punching well above their weight. In 2005 however, it was consciously decided to put the brand on ice with, the aim of restarting at some point in the future. They needed to take a break from absolutely having it for five years straight.

What was initially only supposed to be a short hiatus turned into 15 years, but now in 2020, Clown says they are “BACK TO FINISH WHAT WE STARTED.”

"We first worked with Banksy to do the Rivington Street Show, his debut outing in London, then on the book, and then helping him on numerous things over the years. I got to know him when he first came to London, we just got on and there was no BS. We were mates that wanted to see the best for each other and were not afraid to make shit happen, we helped him get his shit together and sell some works and he produced our logo and did 2 other designs for our first ever range of boards. It was a mate’s thing but also with a degree of professionalism as we all had a lot riding on the things we’d done together.

For the new releases, to say we have been humbled by the response is an understatement. Of course, we have had a lot of people who are Banksy nuts, but we have also had a lot of people who are Clown people from the past and new people getting to know Clown now. Doing this has allowed us to accelerate our community vision, we have been able to bring a community officer onboard 6 months prior to our target, we have £20,000-worth of full skateboard set-ups in production and we have a float to help with other community ideas we want to activate in 2021."

- Jeff Boardman