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Tilt loves demonstrating that basic, primitive graffiti can be as strong as complicated 3D lettering, wildstyles and characters. His focus on fun, high impact shapes and strong colours is a reflection of his history as a true graffiti writer, trained on the streets and in the train yards. Similarly, his extensive use of bubbly, curvaceous forms relates to his obsession with beautiful females.

Following classic hip-hop graffiti ideology, his individual styled name is the focal point in the majority of his paintings, in Tilt’s case a bubble letter “throw-up”. “Throw-Up” is graf terminology for a writer’s spraypainted name incorporating fast lines and done in one or two colours, designed for fast execution; it is the action which Tilt is most interested in, thus he utilizes his throw-up styles to visually communicate the fun of creating graffiti in risky situations.

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  • TILT 'Layers 30' (2019) 5-Color Lithograph Print
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