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MARTHA COOPER 'Crazy Legs' Skateboard Deck - Signari Gallery
MARTHA COOPER 'Crazy Legs' Skateboard Deck - Signari Gallery

MARTHA COOPER 'Crazy Legs' Skateboard Deck

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'Crazy Legs' by Martha Cooper, 2019
Collab. with Beyond the Streets.
8 x 28.75 Inches
Screen print transfer on cold-pressed Steep natural skateboard deck.
Limited Edition
New in original shrinkwrap.


Martha Cooper is an American photojournalist born in the 1940s in Baltimore, Maryland where she picked up photography at the age of three. She graduated from high school at the age of 16, earned an art degree at age 19 from Grinnell College. She taught English as a Peace Corps volunteer in Thailand, journeyed by motorcycle from Krungthep to London and received an ethnology diploma from Oxford. She worked as a staff photographer for the New York Post during the 1970s.

She is perhaps best known for documenting the New York City graffiti scene of the 1970s and 1980s. Her most known personal work began while working at the New York Post. On her return home from the Post she began taking photos of children in her New York City neighborhood. One day she met a young kid named Edwin who helped expose her to some of the graffiti around her neighborhood. Edwin helped to explain to her that Graffiti is an art form and that each artist was actually writing his/her nickname. Edwin then proceeded to tell of the Graffiti King and asked if she would like to meet him. This is when Martha met Dondi, the first one who allowed her to accompany him; while Dondi was tagging she would take photos of his art. In the 1980s she put together a book of photos illustrating the Graffiti subculture called Subway Art.