BANKSY 'I Am Banksy' Skateboard Deck
BANKSY 'I Am Banksy' Skateboard Deck
BANKSY 'I Am Banksy' Skateboard Deck
BANKSY 'I Am Banksy' Skateboard Deck

BANKSY 'I Am Banksy' Skateboard Deck

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'I Am Banksy' by Banksy (after), 2020
Rare promotional deck from the "Banksy: Genius or Vandal" Unauthorized Exhibition in Japan.
8 x 31 Inches
Screen print on 7-ply Canadian Maple hardwood skateboard deck.
Limited Edition (Sold Out).
Comes new in shrink wrap with deck hanger.


From Curator and Producer of this Exhibition

Alexander Nachkebiya, CEO of IQ Art Management Corporation

Genius or Vandal? is an exhibition of an unprecedented scale which features works of Banksy’s collectors from around the world. This exhibition approaches Banksy’s work in various ways, giving visitors an experience by using not only his original artworks but also many rear photos, videos, installations and an audio guide.
Many visitors have commented that they have been surprised by the versatility of Banksy’s talent, at how multifaceted Banksy’s activities are.

Banksy is known to be a graffiti artist, but he also has another side—as an outstanding contemporary artist, creating in his studio. He monitors the news, picks and addresses those particular topics that relate and concern each and every one, presents and addresses those topics in his unique way so that we really start thinking, start paying attention, start acting. His images are simple, but somehow they speak right to our hearts and souls, meanings of his works are multilayer. My goal is not only to feature his artworks, but also show the depth of their meaning, make people feel and think again – something that we forgot how to do in our everyday hustle.

The lifespans of Banksy’s street works are very short, and not many people have actually seen the his artworks on the walls. We have been able to gain cooperation from several private collectors and introduce our visitors to the unique talent of Banksy.

I know that people in Japan are very sensitive to art, and I am sure that they will be able to appreciate the talent of Banksy.