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Onur Dinc, simply known as Onur, is a Swiss-born artist with a Turkish heritage. He is active in the street art scene, and also interested in photorealistic field of art and collages.

Onur’s recognizable style is created with different materials – besides the classic painting tools, he transforms acrylic rolls and experiments with ultra-violet paint that imprints a futuristic and unique touch to his projects, especially the ones in big scale which are set up in public venues. The artist employs an impressive play of color nuances. Pictures are painted in delineated spaces in a single color, while managing to retain a photorealistic character. Through the use of both matte and gloss mixes of the same tones, an image is created that only emerges in its full detailed splendor when hit by light in a certain way, flashing up as the viewer walks past, and revealing a mysterious outline when viewed from a distance. His collages are constructed with different materials made of paper, such as magazines, newspapers, tickets and even dollars.

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