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BANKSY (after) x MOCO 'Heart' Mylar Balloon
BANKSY (after) x MOCO 'Heart' Mylar Balloon
BANKSY (after) x MOCO 'Heart' Mylar Balloon
BANKSY (after) x MOCO 'Heart' Mylar Balloon
BANKSY (after) x MOCO 'Heart' Mylar Balloon

BANKSY (after) x MOCO 'Heart' Mylar Balloon

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'Heart Balloon' by Banksy (after), 2020
Original collectible balloon from the Modern Contemporary Museum's (MOCO) Banksy 'Laugh Now' exhibition in Amsterdam.
18 x 20 Inches
457 x 50.8 Centimeters
Red metallic mylar balloon.
Open Edition (Sold Out).
Includes original museum pamphlet from the exhibit.


Anonymous. British. Street art. Need we say more? Banksy is one of the most influential artists of our time. Next to that, the elusive street artist has developed an iconic body of work that carries a political punch. The street artist/activist uses satire and dark humor to unpack topics like anti-war, anti-authority, and environmental and socio-political issues.

As a result, Banksy’s heavy impact on this world unites art lovers. Moreover, the street artist’s work connects our collective consciousness. Banksy is a living example that art can change the world. 

Laugh Now is an unauthorized Banksy exhibition in Amsterdam. Uniquely, the exhibition joins authenticated artworks made by Banksy for the indoor art market. In detail, many of the works come from private collections and collectors that would otherwise remain unseen.

The Laugh Now exhibition is curated to give visitors an encyclopedic overview of the anonymous street artist’s diversity in skill, technique, and use of material. Moco Museum furthermore highlights popular themes and significant symbols throughout Banksy’s oeuvre. A visit to Moco marries your Banksy and Museum experience – right in the heart of Amsterdam.