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"I think in the realm of street art, it is important to make the distinction between graffiti and street artists.  Graffiti artists are spontaneous and random - it's often thoughtless scribble, tags or random words.  Whereas a street artist finds a venue, things about it, takes it homed to find a solution and then comes back following a planning process and creates art that engages with the space or makes people think about the context in a new way.

Pop art is a major influence on my work.  I like the strong, bold imagery - it captures people's attention!  I'm a particularly big fan of Andy Warhol's work.  I could not talk of street art and influence and not mention Banksy.  Banksy introduced street art into the commercial world, built up an empire through his mysterious reputation and controversial work and is now a global icon.  He has really helped to make the world recognize street art as a serious art form."


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