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Known for stickers, stencils, and wheatpastes filled with defiance and socio-political activism, Eddie Colla is an American street artist and designer, whose works can be seen throughout public spaces in San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Miami. A powerful collection of expressions, his work illustrates how individuals on both sides of the fence react to the constant threat of social and political desire for conformity. His visions of people in the throes of isolation, oppression and conformity are multi-layered and crafted in an assembly of aesthetic retinal fantasy. Subtly defiant, his visual imagery allies itself against the forces that stain what lies deep in the heart of all his work – a celebration and a passion for freedom. Portrayed characters are often donned in surgical mask and gloves, a metaphor that infers protectiveness against not only the physical but also psychological reverberations of our society and the oppressive forces, representing a dynamic of fear and protection.
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  • EDDIE COLLA 'Twilight's Last Gleaming' (2020) 5-Print Set
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