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“Why do street art? Because everything looks better outside! DEATH IS FREE”.

DEATH is a street artist from New York City. Growing up in New York City, being expose to many different cultures and perspectives often causes her think and questions everything that she sees on the street. This experience later has a major influence on deciding the artist name and aim.

DEATH chooses to keep her identity anonymous, she believes that it gives her more freedom to continue to work on the street. She began painting on walls and floors of popular shops in Soho and Chelsea area of New York City. She gets the name DEATH from the abbreviation of “Don’t Easily Abandon The Hope”.

DEATH tries to ridicule the mainstream media by making fun of popular images. One of the most representative work of DEATH is Chairman Mao Zedong from the people’s republic of china with a red bow. Seeing the tag “DEATH” or “DEATH IS FREE” on the street, viewers often prejudge the meaning of the sentence without knowing what the real meaning of “DEATH”.

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